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          Chinese name: Repair expensive
          graduated school: Department of Law, Jilin University

          Xiu Guigui, president of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Pharmaceutical Association, amended the chairman of the Pharmaceutical Group. Han nationality, born in Tonghua, Jilin Province, graduated from Jilin University with a bachelor's degree in law. 年,修涞贵脱下警服承包了通化市一家固定资产20万元、负债高达400万元的小药厂,踏上修元正本、造福苍生的创业之路。 In 1995 , Xiu Guigui took off his police uniform and contracted a small pharmaceutical factory in Tonghua City with fixed assets of 200,000 yuan and liabilities of up to 4 million yuan.

          年时间里,修涞贵使修正药业获得了超常规的发展: 2002年曾以1876%的年增长速度赢得中国成长企业第二强;在2014629日国家工信部召开的“ 2014年(第31届)全国医药工业信息年会”发布的“ 2013年度中国医药工业百强榜”中,修正药业位列第二名,同时荣获“ 2014年中国医药投资价值企业(非上市)”奖。 As the leader and founder of Amendment Pharmaceuticals and an outstanding private entrepreneur, in the past 20 years , Xiugui has achieved an extraordinary development of Amendment Pharmaceuticals: in 2002 , it won China's growth at an annual growth rate of 1876% . The second strongest company in the industry; in the 2013 ( 31st ) National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Annual Conference held by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China on June 29 , 2014 , it revised the pharmaceutical industry's ranking in the " 2013 Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry List". The second place, also won the " 2014 China Pharmaceutical Investment Value Enterprise (non-listed)" award.818日全国工商联召开的民营企业500强发布会上公布的榜单中,修正药业集团在全国民营企业500强中排名69位;在全国民营企业制造业500强中排名47位。 In the list announced at the Top 500 Private Enterprises Conference held by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce on August 18 , 2014 , Amended Pharmaceutical Group ranked 69th among the top 500 private enterprises in the country; and ranked among the top 500 private enterprises in the manufacturing industry in the country 47 .

          个子公司,有员工10余万人。 At present, Amend Pharmaceutical Group has 127 subsidiaries and employs more than 100,000 people.

          The actual operation is rich and the enterprise management is proper. Xiugui is not only good at practice, but also actively explores theoretical innovation. 年,他创立了“企业修正哲学”。 In 1999 , he founded the "Corporate Revision Philosophy". 年在中国发展战略学研究会和企业战略专业委员会等联合举办的“第二届中国职业经理人高峰会”上,因“企业修正哲学”和“企业修正型组织”的理论贡献以及中国企业哲学研究领域的巨大推动,被授予“中国企业哲学奠基人奖”。 In 2004 , at the "Second China Professional Managers Summit" jointly organized by the China Development Strategy Research Association and the Enterprise Strategy Professional Committee, due to the theoretical contributions of "Corporate Correction Philosophy" and "Corporate Correction Organization" and Chinese enterprises A huge boost in the field of philosophy research was awarded the "Founder of Chinese Enterprise Philosophy Award". 年至今,他先后出版了《修正力》、《修涞贵与修正哲学》、《正道》等多部著作,受到社会各界赞誉。 Since 2006 , he has published many works such as "Revision Power", "Repairing and Revising Philosophy", and "The Right Way", which have won praises from all walks of life. 年以来,修涞贵先后出访美国、荷兰等地,代表中国药企发言,并曾在国内举行的重要大型的医药会议及国际论坛上担任主讲嘉宾。 Since 2008 , Xiu Guigui has visited the United States, the Netherlands, and other places to speak on behalf of Chinese pharmaceutical companies. He has also been a guest speaker at major large-scale medical conferences and international forums held in China.

          1217 , 在北京举行的全国工商联医药业商会换届选举大会上,修涞贵全票当选为会长,这是吉林民营企业家首次担任国家认可的权威行业管理协会的高领导职务。 On December 17 , 2010 , at the General Election Conference of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Association, held in Beijing , Xiu Guiquan was elected as the chairman. This is the first time that a private entrepreneur in Jilin has assumed the high leadership position of a nationally recognized authoritative industry management association .

          7 14日,国务院医改办孙志刚主任率国家有关部委领导到修正药业长春总部视察。 On July 14 , 2011, Director Sun Zhigang of the Medical Reform Office of the State Council led the inspection of the Changchun headquarters of the pharmaceutical industry. During the period, Director Sun broke the original schedule of activities and conducted on-site communication and investigation with Chairman Xiu Xiui for more than three hours on matters related to national medical reform.4月,修涞贵董事长提交的医保改革提案被全文刊登在国务院印发的医改信息内参上。 In April 2012, the medical insurance reform proposal submitted by Chairman Xiu Guigui was published in its entirety on the internal reference of medical reform information issued by the State Council.

          As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he has always been passionate about social welfare and charity. Due to his outstanding contribution and impact on society, Xiu Xiugui was awarded the National Outstanding Socialist Cause Builder, National Labor Model, National May 1st Labor Award, Chinese Charity Award, and China's Glorious Enterprise for 20 years Outstanding Contribution Award "," Labor Model of Jilin Province "and so on. Currently, Xiu Ronggui is the executive member of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce, the chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Industry Chamber of Commerce, the vice president of China Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association, the vice chairman of Jilin Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and the Jilin Provincial Enterprise Federation , Vice President of Entrepreneurs Association, Chief Chairman of Jilin Provincial Pharmaceutical Industry Management Association, Representatives of Eleventh and Twelfth National People's Congress of Jilin Province.10月修涞贵董事长被吉林省人民政府聘请为第四届经济社会发展与环境决策咨询委员,聘期5年。 In October 2013 , Chairman Xiu Xigui was hired by the People's Government of Jilin Province as the fourth economic and social development and environmental decision-making advisory committee member for a term of 5 years.9月被吉林省人民检察院聘请为第二届人民监督员。 In September 2014 , he was hired by the People's Procuratorate of Jilin Province as the second people's supervisor. 全球华商富豪500强”榜单,连年位列吉林省首富。 After being selected by the World Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneurs Association, it entered the list of “Top 500 Global Chinese Entrepreneurs in 2014 ” and ranked among the richest people in Jilin Province in successive years.

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