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                The most beautiful modifier-General Manager of Shijiazhuang Branch of Qingguo Business Department

                Time: 2015-04-27 08:53:10 Source: Author:

                Li Fengli.jpg

                2003 年加入修正,至今已有 12 年。 Li Fengli, who joined the amendment in 2003 , has been in this position for 12 years. 年开始担任清果事业部石家庄分公司总经理职务。 Since 2012 , he has been the general manager of Shijiazhuang Branch of Qingguo Business Department. 家人 的支持,在取得傲人业绩的同时,她不忘感恩与回报。 Throughout her journey, she has won the trust of her leaders and the support of her " family " through her unremitting efforts and hard work . While achieving outstanding results, she does not forget to be grateful and rewarding.

                2014 年里,她满怀感恩,致力于慈善事业,在过去的一年里,她带领团队慰问贫困家庭 1 30 余家,捐赠贫困儿童 20 0 余人,共计捐钱、捐物累计价值 23 万余元。 In the past 2014 , she was full of gratitude and devoted herself to charity. In the past year, she led a team to condolences to more than 130 poor families and donated more than 200 poor children . The total value of the donations was 23 More than ten thousand yuan. She is a good aunt for poor children, but not a good mother. Due to her dedication to society, she can only take care of her 3-year-old son to her elderly parents. —— 李凤丽。 She interprets the melody of life with love, and she is the most beautiful modifier - Li Fengli.

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