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                  Revised Philosophy Ⅰ——The Mind Wisdom that Starts a Great Life

                  Time: 2012-08-28 15:40:51 Source: Author:


                  Xiu Guigui is a successful entrepreneur and a philosophical manager. He is also a successful man with a high philosophical accomplishment that transcends the category of entrepreneurs and financial figures. Many of his famous corporate ideas have been called by the media as "the wisdom of growing Chinese entrepreneurs in the new era," especially the creation of the "revised philosophy and culture" thinking model, which has made his thinking a super attractive law for people to reach the peak of their lives, better Quickly help more people have a happy, wealthy, healthy and true life.
                  table of Contents

                  Book 1: Philosophical Questioning
                  ——Master the wisdom of life

                  Chapter 1: The Holy King
                  ——The secrets of life from excellent to excellent 1. The inner sage is right, the outer king is cultivating people 2. The great is earned, the glory is spent 3. The passion is full of heart. Natural inaction 6. Self-examination, perfect oneself 7. Dare to dream, courage to pursue

                  Chapter 2 Revised Philosophy
                  ——The wisdom of the king who opened the remarkable life 1. Viewing life from philosophy 2. The characteristics of Chinese philosophy 3. One of the origins of revised philosophy: Zhouyi
                  4. The Second Source of Revised Philosophy: The Golden Mean Philosophy 5. The Third Source of Revised Philosophy: The Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy 6. The Revised Philosophy

                  Volume II: Ben Li Dao Sheng
                  ——The sincerity and wisdom that opens the life of excellence

                  Chapter III Honesty
                  ——A solid foundation to win an outstanding life. 1. Inner cultivation of morality, moral integrity and indecision. Second, don't hesitate to carry on, and finally get tired of great virtue. Third, humble yourself and respect others. If you are good, you will end up with the best. Six, the power of the winner, the seventh from the winner, low-key life, efficient work

                  Chapter 4 Awed
                  ——The rules that outstanding people must follow: 1. No one is in awe, I do n’t know. 2. Awe of life. Awe of nature. 3. Awe of discipline. 4. Awe of law. Frugality. If you act carefully, there is no defeat


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