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                  corporate philosophy
                  Revise the core positioning of the brand:
                  Correction focused on conscience medicine, reassurance medicine, effective medicine! Specialized enterprises, corrections are health messengers and serve consumers' health.
                  Conscience: Correct first choice;
                  Profession: Modify to become an expert in medicine.
                  Amend the corporate purpose: repair the original version to benefit the common people.
                  Revise corporate philosophy: cultivate moral integrity and create unlimited. ... [detailed]
                  Revision philosophy
                  ■ Honesty inside, Xiuren outside; it is the essence of China's entrepreneurial cultivation. (That is, the quality and cultivation of individuals must be as perfect as saints, and at the same time, they must bear the same responsibilities to the country and people as the emperors).
                  ■ "Over" and "Unexpected"
                  There are only two kinds of errors in the world: one is "over" and the other is "less than". If you miss a mistake, you are mistaken if you miss it. If you miss it, it is also a mistake. The purpose of the amendment is to achieve "to neutrality", which is the golden mean. ... [detailed]
                  Brand interpretation More >>
                  Amendment of trademark
                  "Correction" is derived from "repairing the original". ... [detailed]
                  Correct the logo
                  Understanding of the amendment of the pharmaceutical industry group logo, ... [detailed]
                  "Revision" Textual Research
                  The word "xiu" comes from an early age. According to the Han Dynasty "... [detailed]
                  Fix book More >>
                  Revision Philosophy I——
                  Xiu Guigui is a successful entrepreneur and a philosophical manager, more ... [Details]
                  Renovation and Revision
                  Amendment itself is philosophy, epistemology and methodology. Why don't you fix it ... [detailed]
                  Right way-my people
                  One went to the countryside and worked as a police officer. He started his business in the year of confusion and was selected into Harvard ... [Details]
                  Everyone is the chairman
                  All companies fighting in the pharmaceutical market are intentionally or unintentionally imitating corrections ... [detailed]
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