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                  Amended Neck and Waist Kang won the International Advertising Festival Marketing Gold Award

                  Time: 2019-11-22 Source: Author:

                  Amended Neck and Waist Kang won the International Advertising Festival Marketing Gold Award


                  27日, 26届中国国际广告节“ 2019广告主年度盛典”在江西南昌盛大举行,修正集团颈腰康事业部策划组织的《我和我的祖国》唱响公海活动荣获“ 2019年度活动营销案例金奖”, 修正集团颈腰康事业部策划总监龚天华荣获“ 2019年度贡献人物奖”。 On October 27th , the 26th China International Advertising Festival's " 2019 Advertiser's Annual Ceremony" was held in Changsha, Southwest Jiangxi Province . The "I and My Motherland" project organized by the Neck and Waist Health Division of the Group was sung on the high seas and won the " 2019 "Gold Award for Event Marketing Case", Gong Tianhua, the director of the Group's neck waist business department, won the " 2019 Contributor Award".

                  Picture 1    WeChat picture_201910281139405                        

                  广告主年度盛典”由中国广告协会主办,是中国广告界在广告主领域高级别的年度评选盛会,是对企业品牌和广告领军人高级别的年度表彰。 Hosted by the China Advertising Association, the " 2019 Advertiser's Annual Ceremony" is a high-level annual selection event for advertisers in the field of advertising in China. The "Advertiser Annual Ceremony" has been well recognized by the industry for many years, and has been hailed as the "Oscar" of the corporate advertising industry by the leaders and judges of the China Advertising Association. 客户答谢海外游活动,将会议庆典、品牌推广、客户答谢旅行完美结合,策划组织3000人在公海唱响《我和我的祖国》,得到了客户的积极响应和广告媒介的一致好评,更让事业部品牌活动深入人心。 Revised the 13th Anniversary Celebration of the Group's Neck and Waist Health Division and the second quarter of "Thanksgiving Together" VIP customers thanked overseas travel activities, perfectly combined conference celebrations, brand promotion, and customer appreciation travel, and planned to organize 3,000 people to sing on the high seas. "My Homeland and Me" has received positive response from customers and unanimous praise from advertising media, and has further promoted the brand activities of the division.

                  WeChat picture_201910281139408

                  2019年度活动营销案例金奖”及“ 2019年度贡献人物奖”, 体现了业界对修正集团品牌发展道路的深刻认同,使前沿媒体和广告创意公司能够深入了解修正颈腰康的发展理念与品牌主张,将视觉年轻化、渠道创新化、传播“网红”化等创意传播方式贯穿于品牌创新塑造过程中,不断探索品牌的“年轻化”、“爆炸式”传播策略与思维,促进修正集团与广告公司、媒体之间的资源互通及优质合作。 Revised Neck and Waist Kang was able to win the "Gold Award of Event Marketing Case 2019 " and "Contributor of the Year 2019 " at this ceremony , which reflects the industry's profound recognition of the revised brand development path and enables cutting-edge media and advertising creative companies to penetrate Understand the development philosophy and brand proposition of Neck and Waist Health, and use creative communication methods such as visual youthfulness, channel innovation, and "net red" throughout the process of brand innovation, and constantly explore the brand's "rejuvenation" and "explosion "Style" communication strategy and thinking, to promote the correction of resource exchange and high-quality cooperation between the Group and advertising companies, the media.

                  Behind each honor is the amendment group's responsibility as a medical person, its commitment to serving society and its unremitting pursuit of human health. On the big stage of integrated marketing communication in China International Advertising Festival, Amendment Group is willing to stand with the practitioners of Chinese media companies and brands on the frontier of industry innovation, understand the true meaning of the marketing era, and convey the strongest voice of national brands. .


                  Attachment 2 to the People's Award Case KV Picture-Correction of the 13th Anniversary Celebration of the Group's Neck and Waist Health Division

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