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                  Amend Pharmaceutical Group won the 2014 Global Chinese Business 500

                  Time: 2014-10-28 Source: Center for Brand Management Author: Meng Qingqiang


                  由世界杰出华商协会评选的 " 全球华商企业 500 " " 全球华商富豪 500 " 排行榜自 2006 年开始发布,是目前惟一涵盖全球华商企业和华商富豪的排行榜,得到了社会各界的广泛认同。 The " Global 500 Chinese Entrepreneurs " and " Global 500 Chinese Entrepreneurs " rankings , selected by the World Outstanding Chinese Entrepreneurs Association , have been released since 2006. They are the only rankings that cover global Chinese entrepreneurs and rich Chinese merchants. Agree. 每年一次的华商 500 强榜单发布,都是一次华商界的盛事,都是一次社会广泛关注的盛会。 The annual list of the top 500 Chinese businessmen is released, which is a grand event for the Chinese business community and a grand event that is widely concerned by society.



                  中央电视台著名主持人朱军、财经频道著名主持人马洪涛等主持了本次活动。 Zhu Jun, a well-known host of CCTV, and Ma Hongtao, a well-known host of the Financial Channel, presided over the event. 来自国外的保加利亚前总统彼得 Former Bulgarian President Peter from abroad 史托亚诺夫、肯尼亚前总统斯蒂芬 Stoyanov, former Kenyan President Stephen 卡隆佐 Caronzo 穆西约卡等政商名流及国内的全国政协副主席何鲁丽、全国人大常委会副委员长蒋正华等出席了本次活动并担任评委。 Musiyoka and other celebrities, including political and business celebrities, and vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, He Luli, and vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Jiang Zhenghua attended the event and served as judges.


                  活动中 “2014 年全球华商 500 榜单在万众瞩目和期待下正式揭晓,修正药业集团榜上有名,荣获全球华商 500 强第二名。 During the event, the list of " Global Top 500 Chinese Businessmen in 2014 " was formally announced with great attention and expectations, and Amendment Pharmaceutical Group was listed on the list and won the second place in the Global Top 500 Chinese Businessmen . 修正药业集团品牌管理中心总监李佳作为获奖企业代表在主席台接受肯尼亚前总统亲自颁奖。 Li Jia, Director of the Brand Management Center of Amend Pharmaceutical Group, accepted the award from the former President of Kenya as a representative of the winning company at the podium.



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