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                Technical Center Introduction
                Amended Pharmaceutical Group Technology Center is an enterprise technology center is a post-doctoral scientific research workstation is a national secondary laboratory The key enterprises are "30 key enterprises" of agricultural industrialization in Jilin Province
                The organizational structure technology center has a complete innovation system ... [detailed]
                information Center More >>
                78 pharmaceutical companies identified as National Enterprise Technology Centers
                Amendment Pharmaceutical Group Technology Innovation Center was established in Beijing
                The group commends a group of advanced technological innovation groups and projects
                British scientists summarize 8 key signals for cancer
                The smaller the molecular weight of collagen, the easier it will be absorbed.
                Application of Chinese and western medicine compound preparations requires careful research
                U.S. obesity care costs nearly 170 billion U.S. dollars a year
                New uses of Liuwei Dihuang Wan
                Ministry of Health: Taking patient satisfaction as an evaluation of care
                The first case of NKT cell lymphoma in China
                Technological development More >>
                Ascendas' Correction Technology-Group Technology Innovation System
                The Group's scientific research project won the National Science and Technology Progress Award
                Bacteriophage accelerates biological molecule evolution by 100 times
                Inspiration point for innovative drug research and development touches people's hearts
                Immune system drugs will face multiple challenges, including technology
                Last year, the export of raw materials increased by 20%, and the future export price trend will rise.
                The National Pharmaceutical Fair opens in Chengdu to showcase the latest products in different categories
                Global pharmaceutical packaging machinery develops towards GMP
                Pregnant women take migraine drug Topiramate 20 times more risk of producing cleft lip children
                Launch of a new generation of calcium channel modulators for neuralgia
                Academic exchange More >>
                Health Industry and Japanese Agency Establish Biotechnology Research Lab
                Group introduces advanced testing equipment from the United States
                Analysis on the technology development trend of China's pharmaceutical machinery industry in 2011
                2010 China Cardiovascular Interventional Device Industry Research Report
                Analysis of the operation of China's pharmaceutical industry from January to November 2010
                Blood products industry-break the bottleneck of development and win more space
                Analysis: China's third-party pharmaceutical logistics has a promising future
                China's manufacturing purchasing managers index rebounded significantly in September
                Research results More >>
                Study on Recombinant Uric Acid Oxidase for Injection Enters Phase II
                Introduction and transfer of achievements
                Research results display 2
                Market innovation More >>
                Zhejiang Media and Amendment Group join forces to get through
                Group tourism industry is poised
                Big investment, a new beginning in the Northwest
                The perfect combination of thinking and strategic innovation is the key foundation of product marketing
                Wonderful words give pointers to the message from Chairman Mijin
                Amend the pharmaceutical industry to continue to innovate
                Revision of the pharmaceutical industry is expensive: institutional defects restrict the innovation of pharmaceutical companies
                Technological innovation makes the road to amending the pharmaceutical industry wider and wider
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