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          Create a big health industry

          Time: 2014-10-28 09:23:49 Source: Center for Brand Management Author: Gilbert

          伴随着人口老龄化社会到来、人民健康意识逐渐提高、经济发展、政策导向等若干重大因素,中国正步入大健康产业发展的黄金时期。 With the arrival of an aging society, the gradual improvement of people's health awareness, economic development, and policy orientation, China is entering a golden age of large health industry development. 近日,营养与保健食品“十二五”发展规划正式出台,国家发改委、工信部共同发布了《食品工业“十二五”发展规划》,首次将“营养与保健食品制造业”列入国家发展规划。 Recently, the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for the development of nutrition and health food was officially issued. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly released the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Food Industry Development", which for the first time included "Nutrition and Health Food Manufacturing" in the national development plan. . 并指出,“营养与保健食品产业对于我国把被动的'已病才就医'模式,转变为'未病先预防'和'治未病'的模式,具有基础性的、至关重要的作用”。 He also pointed out that "the nutrition and health food industry has a fundamental and vital role for China to transform the passive mode of" seeing medical treatment before illness "into a model of" prevention before disease "and" treatment before disease ". .

          2013 10 14 日,国务院发《关于促进健康服务业发展的若干意见》,明确提出,到 2020 年健康服务业总规模达到 8 万亿元以上,成为推动经济社会持续发展的重要力量。 On October 14 , 2013, the State Council issued "Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Health Service Industry", which clearly stated that by 2020 , the total scale of the health service industry will reach more than 8 trillion yuan, becoming an important force to promote sustainable economic and social development.

          卫生部长陈竺要求:未来的医生必须会开营养处方,医生都必须具备营养学知识,我们的健康将取决于日常均衡的营养。 Minister of Health Chen Zhu requires that future doctors must prescribe nutritional prescriptions, and doctors must have nutritional knowledge. Our health will depend on daily balanced nutrition.

          近年来,修正药业在大健康产业布局紧密,发展迅速。 In recent years, the correction pharmaceutical industry has been closely deployed in the large health industry and has developed rapidly. 在珠海投资上百亿修建医药健康产业城,在大连旅顺斥巨资打造健康产业园,在安徽江北投资健康产业园等,修正药业可谓是一直大刀阔斧、大踏步前行。 Investing billions in Zhuhai to build a medical and health industry city, investing heavily in building a health industry park in Dalian Lushun, and investing in a health industry park in Jiangbei, Anhui, etc., amending the pharmaceutical industry has been aggressive and aggressive. 董事长修涞贵指出:“修正药业要在“三修”(即修元、修养、修正)的大健康理念引导下,不断规划、完善了大健康产业发展布局,线上线下 O2O 全面应对“已病防变”和“未病先防”,向“大健康”领域层层深入,实现修正“大健康”宏伟蓝图。” Chairman Xiu Guigui pointed out: "The revision of the pharmaceutical industry should be guided by the" three revisions "(ie, repair, cultivation, and revision) of the general health concept, and constantly plan and improve the development layout of the large health industry, online and offline O2O comprehensive response "Prevention of disease change" and "Prevention of disease before disease", go deeper into the "big health" field, and amend the grand blueprint of "big health."

          为了认真贯彻董事长大健康发展理念,致力于投身到关乎人民群众切身利益的一切健康事业中去,对百姓的健康做出最实质性的贡献。 In order to conscientiously implement the Chairman's concept of great health development, we are committed to devoting ourselves to all health causes that are of vital importance to the people and make the most substantial contribution to the health of the people. 日前,由修正药业保健品公司孙向光总经理牵头的心脑血管疾病帮扶工程学术交流会得到了中国保健协会副秘书长李萍、中华工商联医药商会领导的支持,并出席大会。 A few days ago, the cardio-cerebral-vascular disease assistance project academic exchange led by General Manager Sun Xiangguang of Amendment Pharmaceutical Health Products Co., Ltd. received the support of Li Ping, Deputy Secretary-General of China Healthcare Association, and the leadership of the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry Medicine Chamber of Commerce, and attended the conference.

          General Manager.jpg

          本次公益活动决定于 11 18 日在南昌举办,会上将成立“全国心脑血管爱心帮扶工作站”,旨在为心脑血管疾病患者发放爱心捐赠,这也是为江西百姓和医药工作者带来福音。 This charity event was decided to be held in Nanchang on November 18th . At the meeting, a "National Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Care Workstation" will be set up, which aims to issue love donations for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. This is also for Jiangxi people and medical workers. Bring the gospel. 同时本次交流会还将评选出了十名“爱心公益大使”,希望能通过爱心大使影响身边人,呼吁更多的医生、药店经营者来关注全国心脑血管爱心帮扶工程,为患者排忧解难。 At the same time, ten "love ambassadors for charity" will be selected at this exchange meeting, hoping to influence the people around them through the ambassador for love, and call on more doctors and pharmacy operators to pay attention to the national cardiovascular and cerebrovascular love support project to solve problems for patients .

          孙向光总经理说:“我是做大健康的,希望心脑血管帮扶工程能惠及百姓,用我力所之能及去帮助那些有需要的心脑血管疾病患者,这也是我的责任。” General Manager Sun Xiangguang said: "I am healthy and I hope that the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular assistance project will benefit the people and use my best efforts to help those with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in need. This is also my responsibility."

          2013 6 月起,我们“全国心脑血管病帮扶工程”大型公益活动已在全国范围内开展,在全国 28 个省、市、自治区 100 多个城市建立“爱心服务站”,来开展健康知识讲座、免费疾病检测、义诊、医疗技能培训等活动,希望更多的患者和患者家属可以从中受益。 Since June 2013, our “National Cardio-Cerebrovascular Disease Support Project” large-scale public welfare activities have been launched nationwide , and “love service stations” have been established in more than 100 cities in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to carry out Health knowledge lectures, free disease testing, free consultation, medical skills training and other activities, hope that more patients and patient families can benefit from it. 现在全国各地建设帮扶工程工作站的活动正在热火朝天的进行中,北京、江西、河南、广东、河北、吉林……越来越多的人参与到我们的事业中来。 At present, the construction of support engineering workstations across the country is in full swing. Beijing, Jiangxi, Henan, Guangdong, Hebei, Jilin ... more and more people are participating in our cause. 我们也希望在公益的道路上能一直走下去,越走越远,同时我们也呼吁和号召更多的人能加入到我们,让我们一同为全民健康事业添砖加瓦。 We also hope that we can continue on the road of public welfare and go further and further. At the same time, we also call on and call for more people to join us, so that we can contribute to the cause of national health together.

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